Movie Review: Snowpiercer

Chris Evans took some time away from being Captain America to lead a powerful cast in the dystopian action-thriller Snowpiercer. He plays Curtis, a member of a large group of people at living at the tail end of a train carrying the last of humanity.

One the train everyone is kept on a certain class in the train, and everyone at the tail end is at the bottom of the food chain. The only thing they’re given to eat are black protein bars made out of something mysterious.

The synopsis isn’t that original: the bottom class is tired of being treated like they’re nothing, and Curtis leads the people in devising a plan to gain entrance to the rest of the train. What took me by surprise was how quickly it happened, because usually that’s the main event of the movie and it’s a two-hour movie. But they spent a good amount of time making their way towards the front of the train which resulted in some very intense scenes including a very bloody battle scene.

While it was great to see Chris Evans play a darker character it was Tilda Swinton who got the scene-stealer award for being pretty unrecognizable as Mason. With a majority of the cast looking like they’d been living in a coal mine she looked like a strict elementary school teacher from the 80’s who did not belong being around children. Granted, you definitely wanted to see her get hit a few times for her cold heart, but that’s just a compliment to Swinton’s ability to disappear into her character.

The movie as a whole was good, and even though it dragged on in parts it definitely had some moments that took you by surprise.

Movie of the year? No. But it’s definitely worth checking out.


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