Book Review: “This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral”

Alcohol. It may be best to make sure you have a good amount of it by you while reading this book. And it’s not because it’s bad. It’s just that there will be many moments that will cause you shake your head.

The book opens on the day of Tim Russert’s memorial and funeral. The people who work in our nation’s capitol come to mourn the man so dear to many, but they also use it as a giant networking opportunity. That’s all in the first few pages. Yeah, go ahead and drink up.

Author and chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine Mark Leibovich takes us behind the scenes of Washington D.C., and gives us the lowdown on pretty much everything. We get closer look at representatives Harry Reid, Tom Coburn, and former representative Trent Lott behind closed doors.

While it’s definitely a fascinating read, and one that you’ll want to read over to absorb it all, it’s all one that will leave you shaking your head in many ways. It seems as though everyone who works in This Town is out to climb as high as possible up the ladder of national politics, and a lot of them are very insecure.

You find out that some may not as friendly to others as they claim to be in the press, and even some of the reporters — who are supposed be the watchdogs for everyone outside This Town — can find themselves involved in the circle very quickly.

The worst part about all of it is that they all seem to be in their own separate reality even though the decisions they make affect everyone. Give it a read. And feel free to drink up.

Get it here at Amazon if you want to read for yourself.


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