Book Review: “American Gods”

This was my first adventure into a Neil Gaiman novel, and it’s definitely different from anything I’ve ever read in recent memory. But in a good way.

The book follows Shadow, a man just released from prison who finds out his wife was killed in a car crash just days earlier. On his way home he meets a man who calls himself Wednesday, and offers to hire Shadow to travel with him, and help him on some trips. Little does he know that Wednesday — who has some secrets of his own — is getting ready for a big war between the Old Gods (Old Norse mythology) and the New Gods (money, technology, fame, etc.).

The book took me a lot longer than planned to read, but it was well worth it. When Gaiman once answered the question of where he gets his ideas from by replying, “I make them up,” I believe it 100%. The book is full of detours through time, and there’s a good chance I may have to go through it again. It’s a weird story, but it really only makes me excited for the miniseries currently in development.

I think it’s definitely worth a read if you’re into sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery. It will definitely take you on a ride you’ll be thinking about for a while. But it does have some very explicit content, so be aware if you don’t like that stuff or are looking at books for your kids.


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