Digital Digging: Chris Stapleton

If you aren’t that into country music, then there’s a good chance you have no idea who Chris Stapleton is. He’s been a hit songwriter in Nashville for over a decade helping pen hits such as Luke Bryan’s “Drink a Beer” where he even provided background vocals, and he also fronted a critically acclaimed Americana-bluegrass band called the SteelDrivers for a few years.

But now it’s his turn to take center stage with his debut solo record, Traveller.

With this record he seems he used only what was necessary for each song, which gives it a very raw feel. It sounds like it could’ve been made on the dirt floor of an old honkytonk which has a neon sign that won’t stop flickering. It may be categorized as country music, but he sings like a soul singer from another era mixed blues and country.

Most of the songs range from slow to mid-tempo with the lone exception being “Might As Well Get Stoned.” The songs may not make you dance like a Luke Bryan or FGL party cut, but that doesn’t mean they won’t move you. They cut straight through to your soul, which even I’ll admit doesn’t happen too much anymore.

In the end, Chris Stapleton made all about the song. And it’ll have you pressing repeat many times over.


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