Kelsey Sutton Releases “The Lonely Ones”

A wonderfully talented Minnesota-based writer named Kelsey Sutton, whom I also have the pleasure of calling my friend, had the launch party for her third book (first for middle school readers) called The Lonely Ones. And I had the pleasure of attending.

It was held at the very cozy Red Balloon Bookstore in St. Paul off of Grand Avenue. It was a nice escape from the fall-like weather we’ve been experiencing in the cities the past few days. As soon as you walked in you were brought back to the feeling of what it was like to escape into a new book as the shelves were lined mostly with books for kids. It was a very welcoming feel, and the perfect place for Kelsey’s party.

People started walking in and it filled up pretty quickly (someone’s gaining a following), so the store owners had to add an extra row of chairs at the top. Kelsey said she was nervous beforehand, but it didn’t show one bit.

When she took center stage she had great control of the room. She answered all the questions thrown at her, and told everyone how humbled and grateful she was that so many showed up. The sincerity showed through in her smile and with every word she said as well the hugs she gave everyone who attended.

I’ve only read her first novel, Some Quiet Place, but I know I had to force myself to put it down once I started reading. The last time that happened to me was either Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. It may have been aimed teenagers, but I believe a great story transcends its targeted age group. It’s one of those stories that remind you why there’s nothing like escaping into a good book.

Her second novel is called Where Silence Gathers, which is nearing the top of my reading list. It’s set within the same world as her first, but focuses on a different character.

@kelseyjsutton new book #thelonelyones go get a copy!!!!

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The Lonely Ones is not only a different story, but also a different style of writing. It’s a story told in lyrical free verse, which means it’s a story told through a collection of poems. I can’t wait to not put it down.

Visit Amazon to purchase the book and her other titles.



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