My New Favorite Record Store

It’s sad, I know. I’ve lived 20 minutes from Minneapolis for a majority of my life, and I never stepped foot inside Electric Fetus. But that all changed last Saturday when my friend Hope and I decided to stop in before an art exhibit (that’s the next post).

The moment you walk through that door that welcome feeling greets you. We walked around the non-music section for a bit gazing at all things we wanted to throw our money at.

As soon as we got to the music….I realized what my heaven looked like. It was rows of music I’ve heard of and so much more I have yet to discover. It brought me back to the days when big chain stores like Best Buy had rows and rows of music where I could countless hours looking at bands I’ve never heard of, and file their names away to look up later. Not only did this store have CDs, but tons of vinyl and it made both of us make a mental note to buy a record player someday.

The store had a very welcoming feel. Maybe it was the lack of big screen TVs that hang from the ceilings from big chain stores playing the same group of commercials over and over again. Maybe it was the fact that the only way to distinguish customers from the people who actually worked there was that they were behind a counter. It’s a place for music lovers to get lost in their favorites or discover their obsession.

Another thing is that there was no one repeatedly asking us if we needed any help. We were able to roam around the store as we pleased, catching up on each others’ lives as we walked looked through all the music just waiting for someone to get lost in their sounds and stories.

As we left we both agreed we might’ve just started a new tradition.






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