Bowie: An Icon Inspires Art

A lot of #minneapolis love at the #bowieexhibit at @gamutgallerympls

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I didn’t grow up on David Bowie, but I have always heard his name come up whenever talk turned to legendary artists. He was one of those seemed like he didn’t have an age, and he would never die. Unfortunately cancer took his life, but not before he made one final album.

As news of his passing spread around the entire world, the impact of his influence was revealed by artists of all genres and mediums. As great artists do, he inspired others and his passing inspired tributes in form of great art.

This was showcased a few weeks ago when I went to the Gamut Gallery for an exhibit called The Man Who Fell to Earth: A Tribute in Art.

The Gamut always has well attended receptions and this one was no exception (which you can tell from the top photo). As usual, navigating your way through the crowd was full of “Excuse me” and wondering how much maneuvering it would take to fit through that sliver of a gap in human bodies to get to other side of the room. And it’s Minnesota so everyone is extremely nice about it.

The selections themselves were as varied as the man they were paying tribute, too. And the DJ, Venus De Mars, was filling the atmosphere with Bowie to complete the experience.

The above photo is of three drawings which had a great amount of detail in them. What impressed me the most was the detail that was put into the hair, especially the one on the right. He transformations didn’t just happen through music, but through his style as well.

#bowieexhibit #davidbowietribute #localartist #minneapolis

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With these two I liked how the different colors could give the face so much depth. The small amount of red on the top may seem out of place to some, but it’s possible it represents the stage lights shining onto him as he performs in front one of his main sold out concerts.

Love these collages!!! #davidbowietribute #bowieexhibit #localartist #minneapolis

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These immediately made me think of vinyl records, which may have been the whole point. Also I had just been to the Electric Fetus for the first time, so there was that, too. But Bowie was released music when vinyl was still the standard, and this style was great for the collages.

These masks were definitely on of the most group of selections. As someone who is finding who Bowie was, it could represent many things. But it think it’s a nice visual symbol of just how much he changed throughout his a career. The masks also reminded me of the 3 Ninjas movie franchise from back in the day. YouTube it, you won’t regret it.

It was a very enjoyable exhibit, and it was my friend’s first ever art exhibit (I may have hooked her). While he may be gone, his presence will live on for years to come.


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