Art-A-Whirl: A Gathering of Art, Music, and Lots of Beer

Last year I was at the Art-A-Whirl briefly for an interview for one of my first City Pages art features. This year I decided to take it in more of the experience. And I’m so glad I did.

After I visited Kate Renee at her studio to see what her latest creations were (it’s gonna be awesome by the way), I made way to the other side of the highway where locally brews were mixing with local music and tons upon tons of local art. As I got closer to the area, small groups of people turned into crowds, lines, and horrible parking jobs (seriously, we need to work on this).

It felt like I was at a smaller version of the Minnesota State Fair, and it was also really cool to see everyone coming to support local art. Yes, I’m sure the beer was a big part of it, too, but everywhere you looked you could catch someone walking down the street with a wrapped collage or painting.

There was no shortage of art. From collage artists such as fellow Cooper alum Emily Lavalier, to sculptors, painters, and everything in between.

Emily Lavalier at her booth during Art-A-Whirl at 612 Brew.

I also ran into Josh Desmit another Cooper alumni who has managed to mix his love of fly fishing and the great outdoors with painting.

Josh Desmit at the Art-A-Whirl 2016.

The music was great as well with performances all around showcasing just how diverse the music scene is. One band that caught my eye was Nooky Jones who performed at 612 Brew. They’ve got a nice blend of R&B and jazz/big band, and people were loving their sound. Also, it was scorching hot but they still all came in their black and white suits. That’s dedication.

I went there with no real plan on what I was going to do, but with the amount stuff going it’s clear a plan next year will make sure I experience even more of what the art community has to offer.




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